My hobbies

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most active person around. Rather that doing activities that are particularly active I prefer to stay at home and read a good book. Does that make me odd? My favorite authors are actually Catherine Coultier and Linda Lael Miller. Reading while most find it boring actually kept me grounded through out life. Whenever I felt like I needed a break from reality I went and escaped by getting lost in a good novel or two.

Where I watch my Asian Tv shows. In case you were wondering

Officially announcing my geek status I also enjoy watching Asian dramas, with subtitles of course, but  I think that has more to do with the fact that I’m fascinated by their culture, if I could pick anywhere in the world to travel to is would be Korea or Japan, maybe even Thailand. My other hobbies include designing, sketching and writing short stories.

I created this for a class but its still one of my favorites
I created this for a class but its still one of my favorites
My movie poster
My movie poster

Excerpt from one of my stories –

A piercing scream followed shortly by the sound of gunfire ricocheted throughout the building breaking the excruciating silence. ‘One, Two, Three shots’ she counted to herself anxiously biting her lip in effort to contain her terrified whimpers as she sat tucked in a dark corner unable to do anything except listen as her kidnappers tortured the girl in the adjacent room. Since she had been forced into the dank and musky room she had lost track of time, the only comfort offered to her being a dirty threadbare blanket that did little to protect her frail body from the chill that had settled in the room.

Slowly but surely tears began to form as she made out the sound of footsteps moving steadily towards her. ‘No, Please no.’ she thought as she tightened her arms around her little body in fear of what was to come. It was the same every night, the sounds of the many locks attached to her door would echo and without fail ‘he’ would enter her room. Some nights he would come alone and others he would bring ‘friends’, she never knew for sure what to expect but never was there a night when screams weren’t forced from her tiny body as she withered in pained spasms on the wet floor.

“Hello, my pretty flower.” He cajoled, breaking her out of her thoughts. There he was, standing in the doorway with an entertained smile gracing his handsome face; oddly enough it should have been a comfort to her but coming from him it sent naught but a racing panic straight to her heart as she had long since discovered the deceit hidden behind that friendly face the hard way. He moved further into the room and she desperately wished to disappear, she longed for the ability to crawl into the walls but for her there was no escape, there was no one that would come and save her no matter how much she cried out. He would get what he wanted; he always did no matter the cost. “Ready to play?” he asked smile still in place as he reached for her and caressed her face as only a lover would.


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