Where I’m from

I was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. My country is a well known vacation destination and as a result I grew up around tourists. I was conditioned from a young age to treat tourist well due to the fact that the number one industry in my country is and likely always will be Tourism.

1891165_10202023910771757_1565073320_n I love my country, who wouldn’t love growing up in paradise with naturally form beaches, clear blue water and living in a close knit environment? The communities in my country are small but they a great because there are still kids outside, we know our neighbours well because most of us grew up together, playing outside, having grill outs and community parties. 11986155_10153060100570671_801103878_o However with the 3 major industries being tourism, Banking and agriculture I found that there just isn’t a place for me there. I have no desire to be constrained to these options. I simply wanted more for myself.11760597_10153060100520671_1706639201_oStill despite the fact that I left I love my country, I have just as much Bahamian pride and any other person from the country. It was a hard choice to make when I left but I don’t regret it.1800319_10202042365033102_1270648729_n(Photos taken in the Bahamas by D’angelo Reid)


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