My Family


Meet my family! I’ve got 2 brothers and 2 sisters and they are all taller than I am! I love these people a lot and they are part of the reason why I can still be here in the US today. They have pushed me to continue on despite how difficult things may be. Studying in the US is easy, however living here alone away from my family is hard.



This is my mom! We haven’t always gotten along but she taught me how to keep going no matter what. She taught me that even when I want to cry I need to finish what ever it is I’m striving for and save the tears for later. Shes worked hard her entire life and didn’t get to do the things she wanted in her life because she had to take care of me. I want to give her that opportunity by becoming successful in my life. I want to give her the chance to travel and enjoy her life for once.425264_3111832427191_515727408_nI told you my siblings are all taller. I grew up with these two guys. My brothers and I are all different and they drive me crazy most of the time but I love them a lot. We have different mothers so I’m happy that we still managed to remain close despite all of the family issues.1017013_10151614533030671_1213843482_nMom and dad! Yes the Baby is me…1917296_130232915670_3673835_nMy aunt is like a second mother. She took care of me like no one else and being a teacher herself she made sure that I had the necessary tools to use in my education. She made sure I never slacked off. I’m thankful for that even today. 11429818_10205273312004757_8082981358904097696_n


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