Who Am I?

This is me.
This is me at 25.

So can you believe when I first heard about this assignment I was skeptical. Quite frankly I find it difficult to talk about myself openly, so an assignment based solely on who I am as a person left me a little more than wary. When I have to sit and actually think about who I am, it actually leaves me a bit stumped.  Its pretty humorous that I don’t know who I am after over 25 years of life, right? Perhaps its that I have many sides that I am still discovering even now, or maybe its that I want to be more than I am at the moment. Who knows. Despite the fact that this blog is for an assignment I will probably use it more as a journey of self-discovery. So to answer the question who am I? The only answer I can give right now is that I don’t know.


Now that that’s out of the way I’ll introduce myself. My name is Mikel Reid or rather Mickey Reid. I was born in Nassau, Bahamas and I am Virgo Proud. Welcome to Traces of Mii, pun intended…



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